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26/9/2000 - Tuesday
Gdansk - On September, 3rd at 15:00 Antica sailed into the Gdansk marina, ending way her voyage to the two Americas. She has been navigating for 2 years, 2 months and 22 days... read more

10/8/2000 - Thursday
On the 5th of August Antica happily reached the Irish coast. It took 40 days to cross the North Atlantic... read more

28/7/2000 - Friday - Atlantic Ocean - 52' 34'' N , 23' 40'' W
Antica is approaching Ireland - the sailing will finish in a couple of days. Captain is planning to make a stop in Port Rush... read more

12/7/2000 - Wednesday - Atlantic Ocean - 46'06''N , 54'08'' W
Antica lost bowsprit and boom in a storm of 9 deg. B. Below we present captain's direct radio report and a short interview... read more

08/7/2000 - Saturday - Atlantic Ocean - 42' 57'' N , 61' 35'' W
Heaving left New York Antica started heading for New Scotland which took three days and nights. About 300 miles from New York... read more

25/6/2000 - Sunday
Today at 16:10 Antica left the hospitable Liberty Marina in New Jersey. An hour later being escorted by the yachts of New York's sailors she sailed under the Verezano bridge and started the return cruise to Europe... read more

12/6/2000 - Monday
Antica has been standing in a marina near Manhattan for the past few days. In between numerous visits on board the crew is preparing the yacht for the transatlantic voyage... read more

22/5/2000 - Monday
Antica has been standing in Tidewater Marina since last Saturday, almost in the very center of Baltimore... read more

03/5/2000 - Wednesday
Antica has been anchored at Mulle Lake in North Miami Beach for several days now. The plan is to leave for Baltimore on May, 8th... read more

16/4/2000 - Sunday
Antica is already on Cuba. The sailing from Cozumel took 8 days. She should leave for Key West... read more

09/4/2000 - Sunday
Antica has left Cozumel to sail to Havana. It was only two weeks ago that the captain was unsure of Antica's fate... read more

13/3/2000 - Monday
Cozumel. Antica is lying on the roadstead of San Miguel the (capital of the island). I'm by myself again and I don't know if I'm going to have a crew for the next stage... read more

20/2/2000 - Sunday
We reached Belize , 900 miles north from Colon and only 300 miles away from Cuba - the former territory of 'The Brothers of the Coast' - the buccaneers... read more

06/1/2000 - Thursday
I'm still lying on the roadstead at of Colon yacht club. I'm going to stay here until January, 19th... read more

22/12/1999 - Wednesday
Antica is back in Colon. Several days spent in one of the most unique, in an ethnographic sense, places in the world - archipelago San Blas... read more

10/12/1999 - Tuesday
Too much optimism did we have hoping we would pass the canal on the day set with the authorities. Something was messed up in the papers... read more

04/12/1999 - Saturday
Panama City - We have the whole three days of handling with the formalities concerning Antica's passing through the Panama Canal... read more

21/11/1999 - Sunday
The fourth day on our way from Cocos Island. The winds still support us, only the weather is rainy and stormy... read more

15/11/1999 - Monday
On the 10th of November 1999 at 18:15 at 089'57'W Antica crossed the equator completing an almost one year's stay on the southern hemisphere... read more

6/11/1999 - Saturday
This morning Antica entered San Cristobal. They've been on Galapagos since November... read more

27/10/1999 - Wednesday
Greetings to all the correspondents from Antica's crew in La Liberta, Ecuador. As early as today we are leaving for Galapagos, we are waiting for the fuel delivery... read more

23/10/1999 - Saturday
Antica has reached Salinas (Ecuador)... read more

26/9/1999 - Sunday
Our stay in Chile is coming to an end. Iquique is our last port in this country... read more

07/9/1999 - Tuesday
We are already in Antofagasta. It was a very nice and interesting stage of the cruise. At Caleta Calder the winds changed... read more

21/7/1999 - Wednesday
After many difficulties we reached Talcahuano so as one can easily notice we are moving as if jumping from one place to the next... read more

01/7/1999 - Thursday
We are staying in Valdivia, 150 Nm North of Puerto Montt. We are having difficulties concerning... read more

26/5/1999 - Wednesday
Yesterday we reached Puerto Montt finishing our Patagonian epos. What had been planned to take 2 weeks actually took almost 3 months... read more

16/5/1999 - Sunday
01.04.99 we left Puerto Natales moving northwards along the verge of the Great Patagonian Iceberg... read more

15/5/1999 - Saturday
Thanks to kindness of Mr. Jerzy Kleniewski, Polish Consul in New York we have a confirmation from Polish Embassy in Chile ... read more

29/3/1999 - Monday
After 14 days of sailing through completely uninhabited area we called at Puerto Natales. It's our first port since Antica left Puerto Williams... read more

03/3/1999 - Monday
And it happened, on 1st March at 17:50 under rain and with 4-5 B east wind and temperature at 8 C we reached the right beam of Cape Horn... read more

20/2/1999 - Saturday
After 15 days of colder and colder sailing we have reached our desired port (Deseado). It is already Patagonia... read more

31/1/1999 - Tuesday
We are finishing our stay in Uruguay and we are going south. The crazy pace of the cruise... read more

17/1/1999 - Saturday
Antica left city of Paranagua and is heading further south.

02/1/1999 - Saturday
As it happens at sea, plans had to be changed. Antica did not manage to get to Rio on New Year's Eve... read more

12/12/1998 - Saturday
Our solitary sailors arrived at Recife in Brazil after 40 days' long sailing. On the way from Canary Islands... read more

02/11/1998 - Monday
After long visit to island of Gomera, where she went through a minor repair, Antica set out sails for the next part of her voyage. The stage from Canary Islands to Brazil should take around 30 days of sailing.

08/10/1998 - Thursday
These are Antica's final cruises on Canary Islands. She got here from Ceuta... read more

05/9/1998 - Saturday
Antica moored in Ceuta (Morocco) again. For last few weeks she has been sailing in the area of Alboran Sea... read more

17/8/1998 - Monday
Cruises with the young crews finished in Gibraltar. In spite of the young sailors'  inexperience and lack of emotional preparation... read more

20/7/1998 - Monday
This morning Antica started in the Cutty Sark Regatta from Falmouth (England) to Lisbon in Portugal... read more

12/7/1998 - Sunday
Bad again. Antica moors on the Wight Island near Portsmouth. For two days our boys have been waiting for wind to change... read more

07/7/1998 - Tuesday
Antica along with four new crew members arrived at Dover in England, having visited  Oostende in Belgium on her route. On Thursday she will go further, sailing along south cost of England to Portsmouth.

30/6/1998 - Tuesday
History repeats itself, and sometimes it drags on for years. Antica got some good spanking again... read more

23/6/1998 - Wednesday
First news from the route. Antica is moored at the entrance to Kiel Canal. After crossing the canal she will sail on the North Sea to Amsterdam in the Netherlands... read more

14/6/1998 - Sunday
Antica set out on her next journey. This time, around two Americas... read more

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